What Priorities Should The Menlo Park City Council Set for Fiscal Year 2015-2016?

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Overall, our city needs to aggressively start to IMPLEMENT the best ideas in our Specific Plan. That means enough funds need to be included in the capital expenditure budget to evaluate, plan and initiate the ones with the highest priority. The two major multi-use projects planned for El Camino Real represent great opportunities to improve downtown and ECR. Let’s ensure they are the best possible additions to our community, and we make the public investments needed to maximize their benefits.

My Highest Priorities

Here is the “wish list” I submitted to the City Council in January 2015. I am NOT proposing that all be completed in 2015, rather each should be accomplished within 3-5 years with appropriate steps taken in FY2015.

  • Ensure the Stanford (500 ECR) and Greenheart (1300) projects contribute the maximum benefits to Menlo Park while minimizing negative impacts.
  • Make Santa Cruz Avenue a much more appealing place to dine, shop, walk, sit and enjoy outdoor events and activities.
  • Create more convenient short term public parking and reduce the percentage of downtown annual daytime permit users.
  • Complete the “natural grid” of bike corridors that would provide convenient, safe and stress-free to any popular destination or travel point in Menlo Park.

What are your ideas? Please make sure you submit them to our city council so they know what you want.

NOTE: The Menlo Park 2015 fiscal year starts on July 1, 2015

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