City Bike Network Planning History

Bike Commission Perspectives

  • Supports protected bike lanes on El Camino.
  • Supports an Oak Grove bike corridor => protected bike lanes on Oak Grove and University (between Middle and Live Oak)
  • Does NOT view Valparaiso-Glenwood as an acceptable place for an east-west bike corridor
  • Does NOT view Middlefield as an acceptable place for a north-south bike corridor
  • Does NOT support the current plan to extend Middle Avenue bike corridor with bike lanes between University and El Camino, a crossing, and an extension to Alma.
  • Does NOT view Willow between Middlefield and Highway 101 as an acceptable place for most bicyclists.

Past Decade of Menlo Park Bike Network History

2004 – Assisted by a Bay Area bike network consultant (Alta Planning + Design) Menlo Park developed its first Comprehensive Bike Development Plan which identified bicyclist needs and bike network recommendations. The plan does not include project priorities, an implementation plan nor a proposed capital improvement budget.

2008 – “Improved east-west bike connectivity” was included as a primary objective of the Menlo Park Vision Plan.

2012 – The Menlo Park Specific Plan restated the needs and changes proposed in the 2004 city bike network development plan. Project priorities, an implementation plan and a proposal for a capital improvement budget remained undefined. All recommendations are simply changes that the City believes should be evaluated. No commitments have been made.

2015 – Mostly studies and proposals.

In August Menlo Park determined that bike lanes could be added to El Camino Real, and the City Council authorized staff to study a possible one-year field trial starting in 2016. Improvements were made to bike lanes on Santa Cruz and Ravenswood Avenues and “share the road” street markings were added to Oak and Ravenswood Avenues. Finally, at year end the Menlo Park Bike Commission proposed the creation of an east-west bike corridor based on Oak Grove Avenue at the north end of El Camino with bike additional facilities on street approaches.

Re-Imagine Menlo Park proposed a central east-west bike corridor based on Menlo and Ravenswood Avenues with bike additional facilities on street approaches.

2016 –

In January the Bike Commission informally rejected the Menlo-Ravenswood bike corridor proposal submitted b Re-Imagine Menlo Park citing concerns about costs, complexity and the political environment. No facts, assumptions and reasoning were provided.

OneBayArea agreed to fund most of the $500,000 cost of bike and pedestrian improvements on Valparaiso. Completion now expected in October 2016.

The City Council decided NOT to pursue the idea of adding bike lanes along El Camino Real; feasibility was established by the multi-year El Camino Corridor Study.

In July the City Council approved the study of an Oak Grove Bike Corridor and contracted the services of Alta Planning + Design, a well-respected bike network design firm. The next City Council review initially scheduled for  October 2016 now expected in December. A needs assessment will be performed by then.