Draft 2015-2020 Capital Improvement Plan

(Source: Draft Plan)



This 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for the City of Menlo Park is the community’s plan for short and long-range development, maintenance, improvement and acquisition of infrastructure assets to benefit the City’s residents, businesses, property owners and visitors. It provides a linkage between the City’s General Plan, various master planning documents and budget, and provides a means for planning, scheduling and implementing capital and comprehensive planning projects over the next 5 years (through FY 2019/20).

This is the sixth year of the new CIP, which provides a long-term approach for prioritizing and selecting new projects in the City. Although the plan document is updated annually, it allows the reader to review projects planned over the full 5-year timeframe, and provides an overview of works in progress. The CIP is intended to incorporate the City’s investments in infrastructure development and maintenance (i.e. capital improvements) with other significant capital expenditures that add to or strategically invest in the City’s inventory of assets. Studies and capital expenditures of less than $25,000 are not included in the CIP.

Community Input

Annual updating of the City’s 5-year CIP is an integral part of the budget process. Early development of the CIP provides time for adequate review by the City’s various commissions prior to Council consideration and incorporation into the annual budget. The draft CIP is posted to the City’s website to encourage public input during this review process.

The public also has opportunities to comment on the plan through the review processes of the various commissions and during the public hearing held prior to the adoption of the plan by the City Council.