Here is a collection of guest opinions written by the editor of Re-Imagine Menlo Park. Topics are noted in parentheses.

(Downtown Vitality)  Guest opinion: ‘Big ideas’ — and follow-through — needed for downtown Menlo Park

Four years ago Menlo Park residents identified a small number of bold civic projects they believed would greatly increase the vibrancy of our downtown business district, and these were included in the Downtown Specific Plan. Unfortunately, while the local economy remains strong, and the city is benefiting from an unexpectedly large budget surplus, no major new improvements have been made since 2012.

Overall progress is extremely disappointing. It’s time for the Menlo Park City Council to aggressively implement a few of the big ideas in the Specific Plan — for example: outdoor dining, appealing social spaces, and improved bike access. If the city cannot improve downtown during “good times,” why should residents be optimistic about our city’s future? More...

(The Almanac – July 20, 2016)

(Downtown Parking) Guest Opinion: Should Menlo Park Build A Downtown Parking Garage?

As a regular visitor to downtown Menlo Park, I generally find a convenient parking space in just a few minutes, so for me, current downtown parking seems adequate. However, residents, visitors and workers with different needs, expectations and experiences would likely disagree with my assessmen. More …

(The Almanac – March 23, 2016)

(City Bike Network) Guest opinion: Let’s build an effective east-west bike corridor

The Menlo Park Bicycle Commission has recently proposed the idea of adding bike lanes on Oak Grove Avenue. While I strongly favor a better east-west bike connection, an Oak Grove solution is suboptimal. Ravenswood and Menlo Avenues are naturally more convenient locations for an east-west bike corridor, as these streets are centrally located and close to popular destinations such as downtown, the Civic Center, various facilities at Burgess Park, the train station, and neighborhood schools. Re-Imagine Menlo Park has submitted a design that illustrates how a combination of state-of-the-art bike facilities on Menlo and Ravenswood avenues and El Camino would offer bike riders an attractive, safe, convenient and comfortable way to travel between the east and west sides of our city. More…

(The Almanac – October 12, 2015)

(City Bike Network) Guest opinion: How to make Menlo Park truly bike-friendly soon

Most Menlo Park residents recognize the recreational, health and environmental benefits of bike riding, and our city has repeatedly declared its desire to build an excellent community bike network, one that encourages both greater bike usage and fewer car trips. Unfortunately, the major gaps in our bike network remain, and I sense closing them is not a high priority for our City Council. More…

The Almanac – August 19, 2015)