Existing Menlo Park Bike Network

Bike Network Map

Blue Lines = Streets with Bike Lanes

Green Lines = Street with “sharrow” street markings (note: Middle has only School Bike Safety Route signs between Olive and University; there are no bike facilities between University and El Camino)

Orange lines = Streets with bike route signage but no sharrows

Poor Bike Access To Popular Menlo Park Destinations

Gaps in the existing bike network force bicyclists to either accept long detours, ride on streets that  cause discomfort, or simply abandon bikes for cars. The table rated how well the existing bike network serves bicyclists who want to travel to popular destinations. Good means existing bike facilities are acceptable. Fair means they are acceptable but with undesirable detours. Poor means that unacceptably long detours are required. A more comprehensive analysis would consider actual detour distances, intersections, traffic controls and vehicle cross traffic and could be performed by a bike network design professional.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 7.25.56 PM

In the chart above…

  • North refers to neighborhoods located between Valparaiso and Santa Cruz on the west side and between Encinal and Oak Grove on the east side.
  • Central refers to neighborhoods located between Santa Cruz and Middle on the west side and between Oak Grove and Ravenswood on the east side
  • South refers to neighborhoods located between Middle and Creek on the west side and between Ravenswood and Willow on the east side.