Marriott Residence Inn (555 Glenwood Avenue)

Project Description

Sand Hill Property Company has applied to modify an existing senior citizens retirement living center into a limited-service, business-oriented hotel in the SP-ECR/D (El Camino Real / Downtown Specific Plan) zoning district. The architectural control action includes consideration of a Public Benefit Bonus for a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 1.16, where 1.10 is the Base level FAR maximum and 1.50 is the Public Benefit Bonus level FAR maximum.

The proposal includes the application of the Transportation Manager’s discretion to approve a parking rate for a use type not listed in Specific Plan Table F2. The proposal also includes the provision of some required parking on the Garwood Way public right-of-way, to be considered by the City Council through a license agreement and encroachment permit. In addition, the proposal includes the removal of 3 heritage trees: 2 ash trees located in courtyards at the middle and right-rear corner of the parcel, and one palm tree located at the rear-left corner of the parcel.

Current Status

The proposal was initially reviewed by the Planning Commission on March 4, 2013. For more information about this meeting, please review the staff report. At this meeting, the Planning Commission recommended that the City Council approved of the project, subject to specific direction by the Commission.

The City Council considered the Planning Commission’s recommendation at the meeting of March 26, 2013. Relevant materials are attached to the staff report, and some of these documents have also been excerpted on this page for reference. At this meeting, the City Council unanimously (4-0, with Council Member Carlton absent) approved the project, with a minor modification to one of the conditions of approval.

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