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Menlo Park residents deserve a first-rate “downtown” that is a wonderful  place to shop, dine, relax and work. Not one that replicates the commercial centers of neighboring cities but one that has its own unique character and appealing offerrings. But this  can be achieved only through strong government leadership, carefully selected private and public investments and the SUBSTANTIAL direct support of well-informed city residents and business owners. Now is the time to aggressively implement the vision and best ideas in the City’s 2012 Specific Plan.  Our local economy is strong, our City Council appears progressive, and two major  multi-use developments planned on El Camino Real can serve as catalysts for “big” improvements in the entire “downtown and El Camino” areas. These and other private developments in the pipeline will generate a huge increase in city revenues, money that can fund greater investments in public infrastructure. The stars are aligned. Let’s take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

My objectives are clear.

  • Enable our city to make more well-informed decisions by providing fact-based, in-depth analyses of opportunities to implement the vision and objectives of the Menlo Park Specific Plan and by constructively weighing the benefits and negative impacts of proposed solutions.
  • Encourage the city to much more proactively collect resident input and feedback when it considers, evaluates, plans and implements public infrastructure projects and evaluates potential private commercial developments.
  • Encourage more residents to actively contribute to our City’s planning activities.
  • Advocate for public and private investments that would greatly benefit our community.

Let’s “Re-Imagine Menlo” as a SPECIAL place and TRANSFORM our “downtown” areas into vibrant hubs of economic and social activities.

Dana Hendrickson

Editor & Publisher



Make Up Your Own Mind Based On Facts, Reasonable Assumptions And Sound Logic

Re-Imagine Menlo Park is my personal investment in the future well-being of a community that has been my family’s home for almost 30 years. I intend to …

  • Mobilize residents to support our City’s efforts to make “downtown” a better place to go.
  • Educate myself and other residents about what already exists today – physical things, concerns, problems, plans, regulations, progress, momentum and issues – with respect to the multi-use districts within the boundaries of the City’s Specific Plan (Santa Cruz Avenue, train station and El Camino Real districts) AND on practical opportunities to invest wisely in our future.
  • Advocate for progress and specific ideas I believe would make this community asset much better than today.
  • Enable others to inform our community about what they are doing to achieve this mission.
  • To actually enjoy the best downtown possible – based on the interests and desires of a majority of Menlo Park residents – within 3 to 5 years.

Short Bio

Dana is an ex-Silicon Valley executive who has enjoyed living in Central Menlo Park with his family since 1985. His wife Lisa is an active leader in the local nonprofit community and recently stepped aside from 15 years of service as the president of Avenidas, the Palo Alto senior service organization and Senior Day Care Facility. She is currently leading a large-scale effort to transform the main center facilities and add new services that will not only meet the needs of current seniors but also appeal to the NEXT generation of tech-savvy individuals. Our son Brian works in supply-chain management at Apple and lives with his wife Farrell in San Francisco; our son Mark is a contract chief technology officer for U.S. start-ups and lives in Barcelona Spain.

For seven years I have supported the families of severely disabled Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans with a national non-profit that I founded in 2008, I built homes each week on the Peninsula for five years with Habitat for Humanity, and I continue to support local seniors every week thru many different volunteer activities.

Current Community Activities

The founder of Rebuild Hope, a national nonprofit that helps the families of veterans with life-altering wounds from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan escape poverty and more easily transition to civilian life. (www.rebuildhope.org)

Give 100%. Our Vets Did!

The founder of WhatsEnuf, an online service that delivers the world’s most entertaining “uncut” commercials and video advertisements through email and social media. (www.whatsenuf.com)

Great Ads Are Cool Entertainment.

A volunteer driver for the Avenidas Door-to-Door service which assists non-driving seniors travel between their Central Peninsula residences and local destinations for medical appointments, shopping, joining friends, volunteering, and activities at the Avenidas senior center. (www.avenidas.org)

Avenidas Door-To-Door